Android Phones and Mobile Application Development

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As more and more Android based smart phones users are increasing, the market of Android phone is growing 32% rate every month. For android phones, there are already 50000 Android programming applications developed. In short duration, a new Android phone is being introduced in the market. Owing to this new hoopla in the market, android mobile application development is started taking as a lucrative job field for many new developers. There are courses for developers, who are interested in learning the Android application.

There are several reasons why people choose to have phone based on Android programming. The best thing about the Android phones is that they offer a wide array of features on economical cost. However, you may have to pay more, if you want a better version phone. The salient features of an Android phone, which make it a complete phone, are mentioned below:

• Availability of CDMA, GSM, Bluetooth, EDGE, Wi-Fi, EV-DO
• UMTS technologies for sending or receive data
• High end Video camera
• Advanced Touch screen
• GPS, Accelerometer and Magnetometer
• 2D and 3D graphics libraries
• Comprehensive image, audio and video files libraries
• Inter process communication (IPC) message passing
• P2P using Google Talk
• SQLite data storage

There is a comprehensive array of Android mobiles available in the market that comprises attributes such as sleek body, smooth touch, hassle free web browsing, dual-core power, excellent design, and many more. So, if you are planning to buy your Android phone, do not forget to look on the above mentioned features and attributes.

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