Magento Design on a New Platform

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Recently, an event was held in San Francisco, USA, which provided a great platform for most website development services, more importantly Magento. At the ‘Planning, Optimization and Performance for Better ROI’ Magento eCommerce Forum, numerous retailers were invited, so that they could understand the methodologies behind pushing up sales.

Those who are in the domain of eCommerce would be aware of what Magento is and how much it has impacted how business is conducted in the online world. Magento offers users the chance to develop an eCommerce platform that is the best and this particular forum was held so that eCommerce business owners could get all the information they needed, so that they could get even better results.

The timing of this particular forum was specific because the holidays are right around the corner, and this is a time when competition is at its greatest. This is also a time when small business owners find it the hardest to stay afloat and fight the rivals.

This forum on Magento Design was aimed at giving eCommerce business owners the know-how on methods they can make their business better, any time of the year. There were in-depth discussions on how to consider and optimize the various guidelines that are present for all to use. In addition, retailers who have found success with Magento were also present to share their real time stories and trade secrets.

The cherry on the icing was the fact that there were representatives from both Magento and PayPal.

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